Everyone knows you have board games that you play with your family, outdoor games like paintball that you play with friends, but maybe the best type of games are digital ones. You can play with your friends without leaving your home. Through the internet you easily reach your friends and challenge them for a match in your favorite game. There even is a heavy competition in the opinion of the best device to play the game on. Many prefer better and graphics and faster loading times on the PC and some prefer a console like the XBOX or Playstation 4.

Your favorite game could be strategy, shooter or something else. The main objective is of course that you enjoy the games, but there are a few among us that are professional e-sport gamers. These players have contracts with popular football clubs and are earnings quite a bit of money. There are also large league of legends tournaments where the main price can be as high as one million dollars. There are of course many people who are trying to achieve this level, but only a few actually reach it.